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I'm a gaming nerd at core - This page is dedicated to my best friends online and the pre-made guild I belong to.  I met some of the most outstanding individuals in gaming a little over a year ago and we formed a pre-made guild that consists of individuals in their 20's and 30's.  What is a Pre-made guild? It's a guild of people that will play games with you on the game you are playing .  Currently Fam! plays on the mobile game Legacy of discord : Furious wings (server 1905) .  We have accomplished some major feats in game such as : Number one guild, best players on server, and amazing PVP titles.

Special Thanks to: Odasis - Snowthunda - BabySnow - Abbadon -Basilisk 

You can join FAM! on Discord - by clicking here.  Tell them Valkyrie sent you.